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Why Bitcoin and not 'blockchain' or 'crypto'?

Bitcoin is not the first cryptocurrency, nor is it the newest. But it is the only censorship resistant digitally scarce entity that exists, to this day.

This is what  gives bitcoin value and utility as a money, and it is for this reason that xsats only supports bitcoin.

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We believe Bitcoin is one of the most significant technologies of the century.

Bitcoin possesses a number of key properties that make it uniquely well placed to be the most functional globally distributed money and secure store of value.

Bitcoin is:

  • Censorship resistant

  • Decentralised

  • Open

  • Borderless

We started xsats to help those in Europe who share our vision about the future of bitcoin to conveniently and securely save bitcoin at the best price. 

Combined with immutable trustlessness and scarcity programmed into the system, these properties make bitcoin our best chance at separating money from the state.

It promises to change how we use and think about money by enabling anyone and everyone to better store value into the future. This will help society adopt a lower time-preference and enable a more efficient, sustainable and productive economy.

At xsats, we are convinced that Bitcoin has the potential to drastically improve all of our lives and would like to contribute by helping people to responsibly #StackSats in a smart, streamlined and ethical manner.

The future is brighter in a world with bitcoin. 

Bitcoin enables monetary sovereignty. It has the potential to fundamentally alter the power dynamic between the state and the individual in a positive way.

Mount Eversats

     ‑ The one stack to rule them all


Feeling yourself drawn ever deeper into bitcoin wonderland?

We highly recommend that you launch your expedition into the bitcoin rabbit warren from here, here and here.

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